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In order to be an effective leader, team or business today, you must be able to harness different ideas, people, and resources.

Research has consistently shown that diverse teams produce stronger and more creative results as they encourage diversity of thought and experience. Want to build more collaboration and engagement within you team?

  • Avoid imposter syndrome: Your opinions & insights matter more than you allow yourself to believe
  • Alternatively, avoid being a know-it-all: It stifles collaboration. Get comfortable with not knowing everything. Ask for the opinion of the quietest in the room instead
  • Perform 360-degree reviews: When its time for performance reviews, encourage the employee/employer cycle of feedback
  • Meet people from other departments: Pop your head over the fence and find out about what they’re working on - strengthen yours and their sense of community
  • Ask more questions: Questions are so powerful and so under-utilised


Are you a collaborative leader? What can you do differently encourage even more collaboration and engagement? 

As always, we’d love to hear from you! Just shoot us a reply.

Till then, have a productive week,
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