Sarah Liu: It's time to move beyond hashtags.

March 08, 2018

 "It’s an active and daily decision to sponsor women to the table; to advocate women’s advancement; to pay women equally; to respect women’s voice; to include women in decision making; to invest in women’s development needs; to educate men on the right thing to do and to challenge people’s biases, conscious or unconscious – on a daily basis."


How to Get Men Involved with Gender Parity Initiatives

March 01, 2018

Research on organizational change suggests that the success of any change effort requires the involvement of employees. When employees actively participate in the formulation and implementation of change programs, they are more likely to support them and less likely to resist them.


How Mindfulness Actually Works, and Why It Can Change Your Life

February 22, 2018

Mindfulness, whether through meditation or yoga, has become a hot topic in popular culture. There is a lot of discussion about the positive benefits of practice, and there are many guides that dive into how to begin. Few sources, however, seek out a deeper understanding.

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