Why Millennial Women Are Burning Out

November 02, 2017

The trend of young women burning out by the age of 30 is very real and unfortunately common. A study by McKinsey shows that women account for 53% of corporate entry-level jobs, but women only hold 37% of mid-management roles.

7 books by powerful women you need to read

October 23, 2017

Issues like salary negotiation, mentorship, entrepreneurship, and stigma, as well as many more concerns, are addressed and subsequently rounded out by personal experience and constructive advice. You’ll gain the insight you need into the field itself and its obstacles, but most importantly, you’ll hear from the women who have come before you on how you might chart your own course forward.

For Women To Rise We Must Close 'The Confidence Gap'

October 17, 2017

"In nearly all cultures, men have higher self-esteem. But the difference lies in the magnitude of the gap." In industrialized Western countries like the U.S. and Australia the gap is more pronounced than in non-Western, developing countries.

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