The Fundamental Difference Between Leading And Managing

January 31, 2019

Leaders influence. Managers direct.

Well, it’s not that black and white. 

Leaders generally do focus on what matters and why as managers focus on how. Both use different forms of influence and direction at different times. But leaders have a bias to influencing by inspiring and enabling through advice and counsel while managers have a bias to command and control.



January 28, 2019

According to McKinsey & Co., true resilience, or “authentic confidence”, comes from within. It requires acknowledgements of insecurities about capability & dealing with them in an intentional, judgement-free way.  So, how exactly can true resilience be developed? McKinsey found that there are six interconnected elements:


Research: Gender Pay Gaps Shrink When Companies Are Required to Disclose Them

January 25, 2019

Results from a study of Danish companies found that the gender pay gap shrinks when companies are required to disclose them.  Should this be an essential first step for companies working to achieve gender parity? 


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