Empowering women around the world into mindful leadership | By Emily Symes

November 26, 2018


I had the opportunity of attending the Dream Collective Leadership Bootcamp recently and it was an incredible experience. I got to meet so many beautiful women all on the journey to become more empowering leaders.

Monday Motivation | Build more collaborative teams

November 20, 2018

Research has consistently shown that diverse teams produce stronger and more creative results as they encourage diversity of thought and experience. Want to build more collaboration and engagement within you team?


Monday Motivation | The power of positive thinking

November 20, 2018

Did you know: On average, 60,000 thoughts run through our head per day.

Of this 60,000, 80% of them are negative i.e. are unproductive and serve no benefit e..g. “Shoot, I forgot to call x back”, "Did they absolutely have to pull out in front of me? Rude!” or “I really can not be bothered with x today".


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