The Dream Collective has impacted the careers of thousands of young women - hear from a few of our Emerging Leaders Program alumni


eBusiness Implementation Manager

I came with a demotivated approach to my leadership style and how I had been performing, having not been challenged for a while except with workload.
Day 2 was an invigorating day with exceptional speakers who woke 'ME' up and
cleared my head.


Media Account Manager

It was such a great experience, I was really inspired to meet so many fantastic women and participate in some really thought provoking and challenging workshops. I think that all of the events were excellent.
Particular highlights were absolutely the dinner with a mentor which was so so so valuable and the workshop intensives.


Senior Account Manager

This was the best training experience I have been to because we not only learnt some invaluable lessons from a personal perspective, we also learnt how to pass this on to our teams, whilst forging some really great relationships/contacts along the way. I really enjoyed having different presenters for each think tank - particularly as each of them were really engaging and practical.


Marketing Director

The program was well-balanced, inspiring, great selection of speakers and the dinner with a mentor was a brilliant opportunity to meet and ask questions of inspiring women in leadership. Meeting the amazing cohort of women - we had a terrific group and I learnt a lot from each of them, connected with lots of them and feel like I have come away with an inspiring network of even more women. The panel was so good and the little nuggets of gold they all offered was really valuable.


Office Manager

I found the program extremely inspiring and well thought out, the content and external facilitators were engaging. Resilience, leadership and negotiation were extremely applicable to my role and dinner with the mentor was fantastic. Very intimate and inspiring. Project management and design thinking were not as applicable to me but still very interesting. Dinner with a mentor is just amazing, this was so intimate and meaningful and I left feeling very inspired.


Team Leader

I got so much out of completing the course. Personally & professionally. The Networking drinks were a great way to break the ice and meet some people prior to starting. I particularly enjoyed the Fireside Chat and listening to different opinions and stories.
The Think Tanks were varied and some were more relevant to my role than others, however I took valuable feedback from every one that could still be implanted in my day to day.


Account Director

I feel like 3 weeks on I feel even more value from this course than I did the days after. I came away with so much information in my brain I had no idea how I would implement it.
As all the leaders said "practice, practice, practice" and I have used so much already and am even working with HR on my learning
for internal training.


Audit Manager

I am really grateful that I got the opportunity to join this program. The most important take-away I have from this program is that I have a different way of evaluating myself, which in turns makes me more confident in who I am. It is also great to know that I am not alone in this journey and that I am sharing the same path with so many like minded young women out there.